Avant Browser Released Version 177 - Optimized Rendering Engine Switch

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the release of Firefox 14 and Chrome 20, Avant Browser 2012 build 177 tri-core version has released in quick succession, having kept its engines (trident, gecko and webkit) up-to-date and optimized the switch between multi-engines. Regardless who wins the browser war, standing on the shoulders of giants, Avant Browser has not only perfectly integrated all advantages of the most popular browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome), continuous improvements of performance of rendering engines, increasingly perfect support for Html5, rich plug-ins, but also strengthened its ability of anti-freeze. With new features and improvements on existing features as well as miscellaneous fixes, Avant Browser 2012 build 177 tri-core version will bring users more happy and effortless browsing experience.

Avant Browser 2012 build 177 download link:

After testing on the mainstream operating systems, Avant Browser shows an excellent ability of anti-freeze. Even if one page has frozen due to some add-on or excessive page elements, other pages and the whole browser will keep working.

Fast cold start speed
Avant Browser has a fast cold start speed. Think the tri-core browser is redundant? Contrarily, using Avant Browser is like using an almighty browser, you may have switched between three rendering engines IE, Firefox and Chrome automatically without noticing.

Optimized rendering engine switch
When Avant Browser is installed, the rendering engine of Chrome is set by default. Once you learn to use the rendering engine customizing feature, you'll experience the strength of this tri-core browser by specifying different rendering engines for different websites.

For instance, Chrome may be more compatible on its sites like Gmail or Google Mao wos and they can be assigned to load with Chrome's engine. Internet Explorer's trident engine is good for reading non-English websites since it allows users to choose page encodings. Considering Firefox's engine consumes less memory and performs the best on FTP sites, it can be set as the default rendering engine for web surfing on your laptop.

Moreover, if a rendering engine encounters a problem correctly displaying a webpage, you can switch to other rendering engines on that current page via the drop-down list of the green [Go] icon on the right of the address bar.

Inherited the rich plug-ins of Firefox & Chrome
Avant Browser users can continue using their favorite Firefox & Chrome add-ons/plug-ins, such as Adblock Plus, Roboform, etc.

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