Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avant Browser?

Avant Browser can be best described as a custom web browser application. Avant Browser is a standalone application designed to expand services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Is Avant Browser spyware?

No, Avant Browser is not spyware. Avant Browser does not collect any information from users.

Is Avant Browser free?

Yes, Avant Browser is absolutely free! Avant Browser is freeware. You can use it for free, no registration is required, and there are NO limitations whatsoever.

Does Avant Browser come with a uninstaller? Do I need to uninstall the old copy before I install a new version?

Yes, Avant Browser comes with an uninstaller. It is suggested to uninstall the old copy and reboot your computer before installing a new version.

Does Avant Browser modify settings of Internet Explorer?

The end-user is able to use Avant Browser to modify the homepage and bookmarks of Internet Explorer. But Avant Browser doesn't modify other settings of Internet Explorer, though there are internet settings that may be modified such as the browser identification string.

Is Avant Browser a secure browser?

Yes, Avant Browser is secure. Since it's based on Internet Explorer, Avant Browser is as secure as Internet Explorer. Avant Browser supports all SSL secured websites. Avant Browser's encryption length is the same as Internet Explorer's.

To enable history backward/forward dropdown menus, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher version must be installed.

Why does Outlook Express always open links in Internet Explorer?

This is a bug of Outlook Express. Please upgrade Outlook Express to version 6.0.

How does Avant Browser work?

Based on services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer, Avant Browser renders and navigates HTML.

How does Avant Browser improve Internet browsing?

Avant Browser is an Application built with MDI (Multiple-Document-Interface) technology. With MDI technology, fewer system resources are used, web page loading is faster, and all opened pages can be easily controlled at user's pleasure.

What is the Integrated Search Engine?

Avant Browser is integrated with Yahoo/Google, the most powerful search engine in the world. User can search the internet with Avant Browser directly, without opening Yahoo/Google's homepage.

What is the system requirements for Avant Browser?

You will need 300 MHz or higher processor, 128MB RAM or more. The operating system should be Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Internet Explorer version 6.0,7.0 or 8.0 should be installed.

For ideal performance: a user should have least Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.0 or better.

Tested Systems:

  • II 333 / 64M Ram / Windows NT + Service Pack 6 / Internet Explorer 4.01
  • Celeron 1.7G / 128 Ram / Windows 2000 / Internet Explorer 5.5
  • AMD K7 800 / 256 Ram / Windows XP Home Edition / Internet Explorer 6
  • Pentium-4 2.4G / 512 Ram / Windows XP Professional + Service Pack 1 / Internet Explorer 6 SP1
  • Intel T5500/ 2G Ram /vista 32 chs /IE7
  • Amd TL64 / 4G Ram /vista 64 eng /IE7

I have problems in using Avant Browser - whom should I write to?

I have problems in using Avant Browser - whom should I write to? Avant Browser Forum, Fans and Moderators in the forum will help you.