Privacy Policy

Thank you for using Avant Browser, which is developed by Avant Force (a British Virgin Islands based company, "us" or "we" or "Avant" or "our"), and completely free to use. We are committed to respecting the privacy rights and concerns of all users of Avant Browser. As such, We have established and implemented this privacy policy with regard to the Avant Browser. The effective date of this privacy policy is Oct 1st, 2008.

No pop-up or pop-under advertisements. Avant Browser is a Web browsing software. When users use Avant Browser to browsing websites, some website may popup Web pages that may contain advertisements. But Avant Browser doesn't launch any pop-up or pop-under advertisements. Instead, Avant Browser has a useful feature to block those annoying pop-up or pop-under advertisements for you.

Does not modify the Web pages. Whenever you open a Web page, the page is what it is designed to be. Avant Browser doesn't modify any information in the Web page.

Does not automatically download any 3rd party software. User may use Avant Browser to download files from Internet. But Avant Browser will not automatically download any 3rd party software without user's permission.

Does not create security holes. Avant Browser doesn't contain any functions or codes to help other people or programs to access your computer.

Does not block uninstall. Avant Browser can be easily removed from the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog. When you remove Avant Browser, it will automatically set Internet Explorer as the default Web browser. It's recommended to completely close Avant Browser before uninstall it.

Protect user information. Avant strives to protect the security and privacy of all its users of its products, and will strive to protect the security of the users' personal information that is stored on our servers. Under no circumstances will we leak, share, disclose or distribute any personal information to third parties or as otherwise mandated by law. Under no circumstances will we use users' personal information for marketing purpose. Avant Browser will be collecting/loging users information for ONLY these purposes listed below.

  • Email Address. We only collect users' email address, when user register Online Storage account, for purposes of recovering lost passwords on our server. Under no circumstances will we send spam or other junk email to your email account. Users can modify their email address by clicking menu Files->My Account->Modify My Account Information.
  • Online Storage. When user use Online Storage feature, user's bookmarks, web forms or passwords etc. information would be encrypted and transferred to our servers, but under no circumstances will we decrypt users' data, or use those data in any matter. However, because we cannot control the behavior of third parties, especially hackers, Avant does not recommended that you store passwords on our server that provide access to your sensitive information, including, but not limited to, bank account passwords and credit card passwords etc. Users can clear the data stored by Online Storage servers by deselect the corresponded feature from Avant Browser Options.
  • Check New Version. When users check for new version of Avant Browser, our server doesn't log user's IP Address. Avant Browser downloads the latest version information and compares with the current version information to tell if there is a new version. User can disable the function of checking new version in Avant Browser Options dialog.
  • Similar Websites Toolbar. If Similar Websites Toolbar is visible, Avant Browser will look up the categories related to the Web page that user is browsing. Avant Browser and the Server doesn't log any information used for looking up the related categories. And the communication between Avant Browser and the Server is 128-Bit Encrypted. If Similar Websites Toolbar is invisible, Avant Browser will NOT look up the categories related to the Web page that user is browsing, and there is no communications with the Server.

Owns and We are also the owner of and is pointed to the server that providing Web search service. is pointed to the server that providing Similar Websites service.

Contact. Any notices, questions or comments regarding the Avant Software or any other Avant products or services shall be directed to the following email address:

Thank you.

Team of Avant Force.